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What is Torque Pro?

If you want to be able to truly develop a deep understanding of your vehicle, you need vehicle diagnostics software. Every vehicle constantly checks its systems and issues an error code in the event of irregularities. This is stored in the vehicle and can normally only be read out and, above all, understood by a workshop. 

What is Torque Pro and what can it do? Torque Pro is a smartphone app that you can use to read diagnostic data from the vehicle. The app knows many of the error codes and shows them on the display. This way you get an idea of ​​possible problems. You can also use Torque Pro as a kind of on-board computer. 

In the following paragraphs, we will go into more detail about the functions of Torque Pro and give you an overall impression of the software.

What Can Torque Pro Do?

Would you like to know what peak torque figure your car has? Would you like to see your traveled distance displayed on a map? Would you like to have a kind of mini on-board computer in your car where you can read important data in real time? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may need the Torque Pro app, because it can do all that and more. Here is an overview of the range of functions:

  • Reading out error codes
  • Measurement of the real horsepower
  • GPS/OBD speedometer incl. Tracking
  • Sprint measurement 0-100 km/h
  • Dynamometer Mileage
  • Consumption
  • Displays Engine speed and engine load, 
  • Oil, intake air, outside and coolant temperature
  • Oxygen Sensor voltage
  • Intake pipe and fuel pressure
  • Export of the analysis data as an Excel file
  • Head-Up Display mode of the most important vehicle data in real time
  • Output of alarms in the event of malfunctions


With this app, you practically have a small on-board computer in your cell phone. The nicely designed interface looks a little futuristic, kind of like in a Formula 1 racing car. With the help of a mobile phone holder, you always have the most important vehicle data in view. 

Unfortunately, you cannot code with the app – i.e. make changes to individual settings on the vehicle. You need other apps for that. 

How Much Does Torque Pro Cost?

Torque is available in both a Lite and a Pro version. The latter has a larger range of functions – see above – and runs without advertising. The Pro version of the app costs less than five euros on Google Play. As always, there is also the OBD2 adapter … but more on that later.

The Pro version works with most car brands such as; Seat, Opel, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, VW and more.

Where Can You Buy Torque Pro?

The Torque Pro app is only available for Android smartphones and tablets and can therefore only be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There is no version for iOS at the moment.

How Does Torque Pro Work?

Torque Pro is a vehicle diagnostics app for Android devices. In addition to the app, you always need an OBD2 adapter that connects the app to the vehicle. 

Our tip: Please buy an OBD2 adapter that was produced by a well-known manufacturer and has an ELM brand chip. This is the only way to ensure that the vehicle data is actually correctly translated into the language of the app. Problems can sometimes arise with cheap Chinese adapters. 

The vehicle’s diagnostic data is transferred to the app and displayed in the form of a dashboard – similar to a small on-board computer. You can read the various values, and the error memory of your vehicle can be read out, deleted, and much more.


How Does Torque Pro Work?

“Coding” means adjusting certain individual settings in your vehicle. For example, if you want to adjust the interval of the windshield wipers or want to specify whether the window regulators should continue to run after the engine has been switched off, then you have to code the vehicle for this. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with Torque Pro, while many other vehicle diagnostic apps offer this particularly helpful functionality. 

You will need a separate app and the OBD2 adapter (or another external diagnostic device) for coding. Users have found that it is very helpful and desirable to be able to do all of this in a single app. 

Torque Pro Instructions – How Exactly Do You Work with the App?

After installing the app, you first have to set it up and feed it with the vehicle’s data. This may be a difficult task for some users, as many of the technical terms used are in English. 

Keep in mind that an OBD2 adapter is required in addition to the app. This adapter can be considered the interpreter between the vehicle and external diagnostic devices. A corresponding standard was created for these more than 20 years ago, which is OBD2. 

After purchasing the adapter separately, plug it into the vehicle’s OBD2 socket. In many cases, this is located near the door pillar on the driver’s side behind a cover. 

Next, a connection between the app (or the cell phone or tablet) must be established, which is usually guaranteed via Bluetooth depending on the OBD2 adapter. 

Establishing the connection can take a long time, especially on first use, and then the vehicle data and error codes will be displayed in the app. In any case, we recommend that you download the free Lite version first and check if everything works properly. With some brands such as Nissan or Subaru, problems can arise and data is not recognized correctly. 

The data read from your car is displayed on the app’s dashboard. The display of the data can be customized as required on several pages, and the look of the data can also be adjusted. Depending on your taste, an analogue display, a digital one, and a graphic version are all available.

Torque Pro Reviews

On countless pages and forums, users report on their experiences with the app. Sometimes these are positive and sometimes very negative. With over 1 million users, that’s no wonder – in the end you can’t please everyone. We are happy to give you an impression of the reviews so that you can form your own opinion at the end:

Positive Ratings / Opinions / Comments

Going through the reviews, one user writes “The app is great. For example, boost pressure can be called up, engine speed, speed, acceleration measurement, etc. With another, we’re not so sure whether it’s really a positive opinion or criticism. They write “The app does what it is supposed to do! Also on Android 11 and 12! Only the themes don’t work. Well, if you know how to extract an apk and unzip the corresponding data and then copy it to the appropriate folder, it’s pretty good.” [Author’s note: hmmm… I would be completely overwhelmed with that. How about you?]

Another user says: “Good app, unfortunately I don’t have the transmission oil temperature for the 7G-Tronic transmission from Mercedes.” And this one writes: “Great app! Works fine with my WiFi OBD2 connector.”. 

Negative Ratings / Opinions / Comments

On the negative side, In December 2021, a user writes: “Big crap. All extra pids and alarms gone. THANK YOU! Does the customer always have to test?” Another reported: “Not worth the money, according to Google deletes airbag errors, but can’t. It’s a shame I spent 3.55 euros on it.” 

A particularly annoying circumstance is when the app does not connect to the OBD2 adapter. This makes the app completely unusable. We found some comments on this. There also appear to be constant compatibility problems, especially with newer versions of Android’s operating system. 

Conclusion of the Reviews

When researching this article, we were able to determine that the number of negative comments appears to have increased in the last 6 to 12 months. Before, users seemed happier with the app. Maybe it’s due to more and more problems, but it could also be due to ever-increasing competition in the vehicle analysis tool sector, some of which can often do much more than Torque Pro. Coding in particular should be mentioned here, which is now an integral part of really good diagnostic apps. 


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Latest Reviews

Rated 1 out of 5
July 19, 2022

It’s going to sound crazy but I for the first just bought an app the made my car worse that what it was when I started.

Rated 1 out of 5
July 19, 2022

Outdated software. Useless waste of money. When installed in a modern phone there is a warning that it might not work as intended. That’s true. Wouldn’t scan PIDs, the reason I bought it, because of an issue with the outdated scan plugin and modern permissions management. It’s a scam; software that maybe worked years ago sold as a recently updated app but keeps all the old architecture.

Rated 4 out of 5
July 19, 2022

Although it works better than ever now, wish it had easier two way or other things like transmission out-of-the-box. I still feel the need to buy something else for many situations.

Rated 4 out of 5
July 19, 2022

Good functionality. Works well with bafx Bluetooth OBD2 reader. May take several tries to connect reader to app. Shows real time engine information and fault codes. Can clear fault codes. Works well on Android. You have to click on QUIT or it may continue running in the background after closing the app. I have diagnosed a lot of different problems on vehicles with this. Pays for itself instantly.



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Congratulations to Carly OBD

The Unrivaled Champion of Our OBD Device Showdown!

Breaking through the competition with stellar performance, unmatched diagnostics, and exceptional user experience, Carly OBD is our ‘Best OBD Device of 2023′! 

Excellence you can trust, the power of diagnostics in your hand – that’s Carly OBD.

Experience the Carly Difference today – the ultimate partner for your vehicle’s health and performance!