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What is iCarsoft?

iCarsoft is the world’s first manufacturer and supplier that focuses on developing single-brand and multi-brand DIY code readers with multi-system functionality. In summary, they develop solutions that will help you read out and understand errors from your vehicle’s onboard computer systems via the OBD-II interface. iCarsoft products are available in over sixty countries, and they provide comprehensive after-sales service and support too. They claim to offer over 100 products, supporting in excess of 100 vehicle models from America, Europe, Japan, and Korea. They also offer free updates for purchased products as a value addition, as well as warranties on product purchases. 

A quick refresher on OBD-II: it’s a global, unified standard and protocol whereby any vehicle’s computer system can be read out with a compatible OBD-II scanner. Introduced in 1996, all gasoline vehicles manufactured in or after 2001 are mandated to come with OBD-II ports, whilst diesel vehicles manufactured in or after 2004 must have the port. This allows anyone with an OBD-II scanner to access the vehicle’s onboard computer system, read out errors and do so much more. 

iCarsoft produce a wide variety of solutions, ranging from consumer-grade wireless devices, all the way to wired and wireless professional-level devices that cater to advanced workshop and repair center environments. Their products are accredited by FCC, CE, and RoHS for added peace of mind.

For the consumer and enthusiast market, iCarsoft has the Bluetooth Multi-Scan tool (i620) and WiFi Multi-Scan Tool (i610). These pocket-sized OBD scanners unobtrusively plug into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and wirelessly communicate with your device of choice which could be your mobile phone. Note that whilst the i610 supports Windows, Android, and iOS, the i620 does not offer iOS support at this time. These two are multi-brand readers, claimed to work with all vehicles that have an OBD-II port.

For the workshop/repair center segment, iCarsoft has a variety of professional-level devices that can interface with a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. These come in single-brand or multi-brand flavors, and cover a broad gamut of American, European, Japanese, and Korean brands.

How do you use iCarsoft?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you’d prefer an OBD scanner to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. If you’re having trouble choosing, let us help you decide. WiFi offers a faster rate of data transfer between the OBD scanner and your chosen device which will typically be your mobile phone but uses more power. Bluetooth is less power-hungry but offers a lower range and a slower data rate. What this means is, if you’re planning to read out parameters on the go from within your vehicle’s cabin, Bluetooth can suffice, but if you prefer to do some diagnosis in the comfort of your home and would like sufficient range to walk around your garage, or even pop inside your house for a cold drink, WiFi offers a better bet in terms of coverage area.

Once you’ve chosen your device, simply purchase it from the iCarsoft store. However, you need to bear in mind that if you’re using an Android device, you can purchase either, but if you’re on Apple (iOS), you’re stuck with the i610 (WiFi), as, at the time of writing, the i620 does not support iOS.

After purchasing your chosen OBD scanner, install the TORQUE (Android) or DASHCOMMAND (iOS) app on your mobile device and perform the pairing of the mobile device with the OBD Scanner. Pairing is usually no more complex than pairing a headset. Once that’s done, congratulations, you’re good to go. 

Need help finding the OBD-II port? The port is definitely inside the cabin and will usually be within three or four feet from the steering wheel. Common areas include beneath the steering wheel (it might be pointing downwards so you need to get your head into the footwell and have a look around), inside the glovebox or utility compartment, or even behind a trim piece in the footwell. If you’re unsure or can’t find it, your vehicle’s owner’s manual will reveal its location, as will a quick Google search.

How much does it cost?

iCarsoft is surprisingly affordable despite the versatile feature set that it offers. The Bluetooth i620 model costs just US$59.95 from the official iCarsoft store, whilst the WiFi i610 model is slightly dearer, at US$69.95 from the official iCarsoft store. The Bluetooth one comes in an eye-catching red and white color scheme, whilst the WiFi one is in a slightly more restrained black-and-white livery.

If you do a quick Google search for similar OBD scanners, you will discover that the decent ones come in at this price bracket. Whilst you can pick up alternatives for as low as US$20, some of them may not offer the full gamut of features that you desire, and others might be rip-offs or fakes. These are particularly dangerous, as they can potentially cause damage to your vehicle’s onboard computer systems. They might also require special apps that come with, surprise surprise, a purchase price.

Furthermore, not all vendors provide a warranty, but iCarsoft offers a comprehensive warranty on all products, which offers repair or replacement options during the warranty period.

Their professional-level devices have prices that are surprisingly affordable as well, starting in the US$150 range for single-brand OBD scanners, and going into the US$300–US$500 range for multi-brand OBD scanners that include their own screen and controls.

Where can I buy an iCarsoft device?

The easiest place to buy an iCarsoft device is directly from the iCarsoft store on their website, where you can purchase items at their published price. Note that delivery charges may apply as well. If you’re concerned about fakes and want the safest direct purchase experience, this is your best bet as you are 100% guaranteed to receive the genuine item straight from the manufacturer.

You can also find iCarsoft devices at a wide variety of online, as well as brick-and-mortar stores. A quick Google search reveals that Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more retailers offer iCarsoft OBD scanners for sale. A word of caution on Amazon and eBay, it’s always best to verify that the seller is an authorized dealer in iCarsoft devices, to avoid getting scammed with fakes. You can email iCarsoft and verify if you’re unsure. The benefit of buying from a third-party online retailer is that they might offer cheaper pricing and free delivery.

Of course, if you need to touch and feel things before buying them, nothing beats going to a brick-and-mortar store, where you can have a look at the physical OBD scanner, talk to the staff there, and maybe even try it out if they have a display model. Pricing might be the same as purchasing online or might be slightly cheaper if the retailer is running a promotion or if you’re a member of a loyalty card scheme and can redeem some points towards your purchase.

Of course, all this info is mainly valid for consumer-grade iCarsoft devices such as the i610 and i620. If you’re looking at professional-grade devices, it’s best to contact iCarsoft directly and purchase from them, or from their nearest authorized dealer.

iCarsoft reviews

Let’s find out what users are saying about the iCarsoft i610 and i620. We put on our computer glasses and broke out the mechanical keyboards to pound away at an intensive Google search.

For the iCarsoft i610, reviews are generally positive, with a rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon. Owners praised its usability and range of functions, but some had qualms over it not working properly with certain vehicle models. If your vehicle model is a lesser-known one, perhaps it’s best to contact iCarsoft and verify compatibility before buying the i610.

For the iCarsoft i620, ratings on Amazon are also quite positive, at 4.0 out of 5.0. Some users complained of intermittent connections that had a propensity to drop out when performing real-time parameter monitoring but praised its ease-of-use and feature set.


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Rated 1 out of 5
July 19, 2022

I now have two. Neither will connect to my PC. Customer support is non-existent.

Rated 1 out of 5
July 19, 2022

At a minimum, a scanner should be able to reset an oil change monitor (then again, not sure why a Porsche requires a tool for such a simple task, but that is a different topic). This tool cannot do a reset. And forget about trying top update the software on the iCarsodft site – that is not possible.

Rated 0 out of 5
July 19, 2022

Great value and does exactly what it says. I’m a backyard mechanic and this will give codes for my 2006 Mercedes.

Rated 4 out of 5
July 19, 2022

I’ll just say it’s worth the money when certain items need to get reset without having to schedule an appointment weeks out with the dealership.



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Breaking through the competition with stellar performance, unmatched diagnostics, and exceptional user experience, Carly OBD is our ‘Best OBD Device of 2023′! 

Excellence you can trust, the power of diagnostics in your hand – that’s Carly OBD.

Experience the Carly Difference today – the ultimate partner for your vehicle’s health and performance!

Congratulations to Carly OBD

The Unrivaled Champion of Our OBD Device Showdown!

Breaking through the competition with stellar performance, unmatched diagnostics, and exceptional user experience, Carly OBD is our ‘Best OBD Device of 2023′! 

Excellence you can trust, the power of diagnostics in your hand – that’s Carly OBD.

Experience the Carly Difference today – the ultimate partner for your vehicle’s health and performance!